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Health & Safety Courses

Health and Safety

Haz-ed delivers best practice advice to small business owners, to help them provide a healthy and safe workplace, prepare for emergency events and plan to adapt to change in the future. Our training is easy to understand and is immediately relevant to small businesses.

Emergency and Disaster

Disaster events are happening more often. When the unthinkable happens, we want you to be as ready as you can be. We’ll help you build resilience into your home and business so that you can handle whatever comes your way.


Risk is an essential part of life. If you don’t take risks, you wont achieve much in life. Take the wrong risks and your life may be a short one! We’ll show you how to use some structure when taking risks, which will help you to get the most out of life.

Health & Safety Training Course

On site training

We deliver custom in-house training to suit the exact needs of your organisation. Currently only available in New Zealand.

Online training

We offer engaging online learning that gets straight to the point. We know your time is precious, so we wont waste any of it!

Featured Course: Know your risks – make better decisions

This free mini course is designed to help you make decisions on your risks in a more structured way. Take your instinctive skills to the next level so you can:
• Avoid nasty surprises
• Prioritise your risks
• Have fun, safely!
• Identify and minimise risks
• Make better decisions


We share knowledge and give skills and confidence to individuals, families and small businesses. Creating safety in our changing World.

Our Values:

  • We take pride in everything we do
  • We genuinely enjoy our work and embrace it as a positive aspect of our lives
  • We learn every day. We offer inspiring learning opportunities and we seek learning from other inspiring teachers. We learn from mistakes and believe in asking questions
  • We are connected and will strive to develop these connections in the future. We believe that connections between customers, peers, environment, society, family and any other personal connections are equally important
  • We will never stop exploring


Creating safety in a changing World

It’s free to join Haz-Ed!

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will courses be available?

A: We have a basic H&S course, which will help you get up to speed really quickly. We've also got a short course on risk. New courses will be added all the time, so join our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed.

Q: How much do courses cost?

A: We want to help as many people as possible regardless of your ability to pay. So, we will strive to make as many as possible of our courses available for free. There will be some paid courses and paid options on other courses, which will cover the cost of instructor feedback, one on one tutorials, etc.

Q: Do students get a Certificate after completion of a course?

A: Yes. However, the value of the learning will far outweigh the need for a certificate!

Q: We notice you’re based in New Zealand. Is the training you offer relevant to my Country?

A: Most courses offered by Haz-Ed are quite general in nature and are relevant to anybody who needs to manage hazards (everyone!). For specific courses that are more relevant to a certain geographical area we have chosen local instructors from that area.

Q: Will your Health & Safety courses help my business to comply with the Law?

A: Absolutely. We understand the pressure that small businesses are under and we aim to get your’s up to speed as quickly as possible.