Covid-19 / Coronavirus lockdown grocery delivery guidelines

During the Covid-19 lockdowns many of us are choosing to have groceries delivered to our homes. This certainly reduces the virus transmission risk in comparison to visiting the supermarket. However, there is still a risk of the virus being transferred into your home via the delivery person or the packaging on your groceries. Follow this simple guide to help further reduce the risk of virus transmission via grocery deliveries:

Covid-19 / Coronavirus lockdown grocery delivery guidelines
  1. Maintain 2m distance from the delivery person or avoid entirely. If it’s possible to have them leave the groceries at the gate, then do this. If you’re in an apartment, have them leave the groceries at the door, and do not invite them into your home. The 2m distancing rule is well established worldwide and should be strictly adhered to. 
  2. Wear gloves to quickly unpack groceries. Gloves provide a barrier to your skin and will help reduce the chance of the virus entering your body, but only if you DON’T touch your face while wearing the gloves.
  3. Avoid bringing cardboard boxes or brown paper bags into your home. The virus can survive for up to 24hrs on cardboard, so it is best to leave these outside and dispose of quickly.
  4. Wash hands and avoid touching your face. Washing your hands properly with soap and water will remove the virus from your hands. Avoiding touching your face limits the likelihood of the virus entering your body.

The Covid-19 virus is very stable on plastic and steel surfaces so it may be sensible to wipe down (disinfect) any of these packages prior to storage or use in your home.

For a more detailed approach, particularly if you’re actually going the supermarket to get your groceries, watch the video below:


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