We all take risks every day. Like it or not, it’s an essential part of everyday life. Some would say that if you don’t take risks, you can’t expect to achieve anything in life!

On this page we will explore the concept of risk and show you how an understanding of risk can help you to make better decisions, at home, at play, at work or wherever you may wander!

FREE COURSE: Know your risks. Make better decisions.

This mini course is designed to help you make decisions on your risks in a more structured way.

Watch the introduction here!


  • This mini course will take your instinctive skills to the next level so that you can:
  • Avoid nasty surprises
  • Prioritise which risks to deal with
  • Have fun, safely
  • Identify and work out the best way to minimise risks
  • Make better decisions


More risk resources

Risk Bites is a Youtube Channel run by Andrew Maynard, who is a professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, and Director of the ASU Risk Innovation Lab. There are lots of quirky, easy to understand animations about risk.

Risk Factor is a Canadian social media campaign designed to improve the public understanding of risk. They have an awesome mobile app, which allows you to compare the risks of many activities you do.

Risk Views is a long running blog about risk and enterprise risk management (ERM). With ten years’ worth of contributions from some of the World authorities on risk.

Understanding Uncertainty is a website created and run by Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University (UK). Tons of in-depth information about risk.

Risk-Ed is a website designed to help you understand risk. It’s a fun approach to risk education and has an environmental focus.

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