Small business – the backbone of a community.

We want to help you create a safer, healthier small business that can stand the test of time and not just survive, but thrive in the face of emergencies!

Our Workplace Health & Safety Course will get you up to speed fast!

Health and Safety:

Over the last few years expectations around Health and Safety have changed and now all businesses regardless of their size and risk profile have to manage Health and Safety in the same sorts of ways. We aim to help smaller businesses to quickly and easily establish effective H&S plans so that they can remain competitive with their larger counterparts.

Emergency and disaster:

The first step in getting your business ready for emergencies and disasters is to establish your H&S plans! Once that’s done, you can focus on how to survive disaster events. Up to 35% of businesses never re-open after a disaster event.

On site training

Haz-ed delivers custom in-house training to suit the exact needs of your organisation. Currently only available in New Zealand. Past clients include: Westland District Council, Rural Education Activities Program, Queenstown Chamber of Commerce, Fox and Franz HeliServices

Get a Workplace Health & Safety Course that Meets the Needs of Your Organisation

Are you looking for a workplace health & safety course for your business? At Haz Ed, we offer a wide range of courses delivered by fully qualified and experienced health and safety trainers. They have extensive knowledge of all health and safety legislation, and they’ll deliver a training solution that meets the needs of your business.

All our courses are developed to NZQA standards, but we go beyond the basics for legal compliance. Our goal is to ensure your team understands and implements good health and safety practice. We’ll also ensure your team has the knowledge and skills they need to properly manage risk in your organisation.

In other words, we’ll help you tick all the relevant regulatory boxes, plus we’ll give you the tools your business needs to keep employees, customers, contractors, and visitors safe. Browse the training options that we have available to find the workplace health & safety course that you need.

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health & safety is not something you should ignore in your business. It needs to be a priority at the highest levels of the company, and it needs to be on the radar of every member of your team. After all, everyone has a responsibility for health and safety.

Training is central to your ability to achieve your health and safety goals. Here is why you should choose a workplace health & safety course from Haz Ed:

  • We have an excellent range of courses that all meet NZQA standards
  • We run courses at our facility, or we can come to your location
  • Our trainers have extensive experience and they will do everything they can to make your training as interesting, interactive, and engaging as possible
  • We’ll make sure your team has the health and safety skills they need, and we’ll ensure you get a return on investment from your training spend
  • We keep our prices competitive

Health and Safety in NZ – Nationally Recognised Courses

At Haz Ed, we are leading providers of health and Safety training in NZ and have experience delivering courses to companies in a broad range of industries. This includes traditionally high-risk industries like construction and mining as well as industries where the health and safety risks are lower.

As a result, we have courses available for businesses in a wide range of industries as well as courses for employees at varying levels of responsibility. This includes foundation courses, courses on specific topics, advanced courses, and more.

Please contact us on +64 (0) 29 771 7669 if you have a query or would like to find out more about any of the courses that we offer.

Workplace health and safety

Choose from the Best Range of Health and Safety Courses in NZ

We’ll make sure you get a health and safety training solution that meets the needs of your business. This includes ensuring you get the right course that covers the topics you need. In addition, the quality of the training you get from our team will be second to none, and you’ll get excellent customer service and competitive prices.

To find out more and to discuss your specific requirements, please call today on +64 (0) 29 771 7669.

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